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Seduction of Spirit is a rare opportunity to step away from the constant demands on our attention and dive into the stillness and silence that flows beneath life’s chaotic surface.

This beautiful retreat is about slowing down and tuning into the peace of present moment awareness. Through the practice of Primordial Sound Meditation, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, and other timeless tools, you will begin to:

  • Deepen your meditation practice
  • Reconnect with your deepest dreams and desires
  • Move beyond limiting conditioned beliefs
  • Let go of the struggle and achieve more by doing less
  • Experience the mind-body harmony of yoga
  • And much more!


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World's First "Chopra Yoga Center"
opens in Vancouver, B.C., Canada

International chain of studios to offer yoga teachings inspired by Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Deepak Chopra, M.D. today announced the launch of the world’s first Chopra Yoga Center in Vancouver, Canada. The custom-designed 8,000-square-foot wellness studio is the first in a planned series of yoga centers that will be rooted in the foundational teachings developed by mind-body healing pioneers Deepak Chopra, M.D. and David Simon, M.D.

“We’re excited to bring Chopra Yoga to Vancouver, a city that is emerging as a world-class center for yoga,” said Deepak Chopra. “In our beautiful new studio, both beginners and advanced yogis will have an opportunity to explore the deepest principles of yoga and conscious living.”

The Chopra Yoga Center offers a wide variety of classes that range from meditation, hot hatha, and power vinyasa to Cho fit, Yoga Barre, and Pilates. There are also classes that focus specifically on the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga – a practice developed by Deepak Chopra and David. The studio’s philosophy is inspired by the principles in Dr. Chopra’s best-selling book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and emphasizes the benefits of yoga for physical health, spiritual awakening, and inner calm and balance.

“In our modern electronic culture, so many people feel fragmented and overwhelmed with stress. Our intention with Chopra Yoga is to help as many people as possible experience the balance, calm, and vitality that yoga naturally cultivates,” said David Simon.

The Chopra Yoga Center, located at 451 Granville Street, in Vancouver B.C., is now accepting new memberships. The programs are designed for both new and experienced yoga practitioners. Recognizing the importance of community, Chopra Yoga donates five percent of all profits to local charities.

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