The Chopra Center Newsletter     Jan 2012 Edition 


Are you ready to take your life to a higher level? At the SynchroDestiny empowerment workshop, Deepak Chopra will teach you how to transform your deepest driving desires and intentions into your destiny.

As a world-renowned leader and major force in integrating alternative medicine into the U.S. health care system, Deepak is a change agent who has helped thousands of high achievers, executives, and visionaries fulfill their dreams.

At SynchroDestiny, you will learn how to access your hidden potential, recognize the possibilities that are always unfolding around you, and create what you want with effortless ease.

SynchroDestiny will give you the tools and inspiration to move to the next phase of success and fulfillment.


A guided meditation from Deepak Chopra

Deepak guides you through a meditation that will help you harness the infinite organizing power of intention.


Learn how to enhance your health, balance,
and wellbeing at Journey into Healing!

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