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In his new e-book, Deepak Chopra shares his reflections, thoughts, and inspirations on big questions about love and relationships. Read a free excerpt from Ask Deepak About Love & Relationships here>>

In this video he reflects on one of the most precious qualities of life – the stillness and space we find in meditation and other meditative practices. Watch Eckhart here >>

If you have set an intention to improve your health this year, here are three simple steps to wholeness that you can take right now. Read on >>

February is a month that celebrates love in all its manifestations, including romance, intimacy, acceptance, passion, forgiveness, friendship, joy, ecstasy, and communion. Read on >>

Inspiration is both an act of grace and a process that we can cultivate. This month we share tips for creating your own process to get your ideas flowing and opening to inspired thought. Read on >>

There is increasing evidence that the simple practice of mindfulness meditation can re-wire your brain. In key areas, you can literally change and grow neural connections that support finding and creating better relationships.  Read on >>

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