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5 Ways to Cultivate Acceptance

The present moment isn’t always easy to accept, but learning to listen to the sensations in our body and the message they’re sending will calm our emotional turbulence and enable us to benefit from the experience. Try these 5 steps for letting go of resistance and opening to higher states of joy and present moment awareness.

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Letting Go of Struggle

In the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, the Law of Least Effort teaches us how to accomplish more by doing less. Instead of using a lot of energy resisting the present moment, we can redirect our intentions so that our lives flow with more effortless ease. Read more >>


Balance, Heal, & Transform
through Meditation

Wed Feb 9 | 3–4 p.m. (PST)


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Signature Meditation Retreat


Join us for our signature meditation and yoga retreat, where our master Chopra certified teachers will guide you in a week of deep meditation, heart-opening yoga, and other timeless practices for spiritual awakening.

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A Weekend Within

Learn about our all-inclusive package from the Chopra Center and La Costa Resort & Spa

MAR 4–6

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Heal Naturally with Ayurveda

This month Deepak is featured on the cover of Green Living magazine. Read his featured article and an exclusive interview about staying connected to an inner source of happiness in the face of life’s ups and downs.

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