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Don't miss out on Journey into Healing in Vancouver. Spaces are filling fast but there is still time to register!

featuring Cesar Millan

February 16–20
The Fairmont Hotel
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Featured speakers include:

Deepak Chopra
Chopra Center Co-Founder

David Simon
Chopra Center Co-Founder

Valencia Porter, M.D.
Chopra Center Medical Director

Daniel Vicario, M.D.
San Diego Cancer Research Institute co-founder

Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar
Internationally Recognized Ayurvedic Physician and Teacher

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please call 888.736.6895.

The Wisdom of Yoga

Letting Go of Struggle

In the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, the Law of Least Effort teaches us how to accomplish more by doing less. While most people use a lot of energy resisting the present moment, struggling to change circumstances, and forcing outcomes, the Law of Least Effort is about redirecting our energy so that our lives flow with effortless ease. It invokes the principles of impeccability, meaning that we do not waste our valuable life energy in endeavors that create unnecessary friction.

Yoga is an ideal way to experience the Law of Least Effort. We get the greatest benefits when we relax into a pose rather than forcing or straining. When we move into a flexibility pose, we can stretch to the point of resistance and breathe into the pose instead of trying to muscle through. As we surrender the need for the pose to look a certain way, we will find ourselves naturally extending our reach and increasing our flexibility. In yoga as in life, the more we’re able to accept where we are right now, the more balance and energy we’ll experience.

Here are a few more ways to awaken the Law of Least Effort in your life:

  1. I awaken acceptance by appreciating all the gifts I have in my life right now. Today I will take a moment to consider the people, circumstances, and things that are enriching my life, teaching me valuable lessons, and expanding my awareness.

  2. Accept responsibility for the choices and actions I have taken in the past and those I have available to me in the present. Responsibility – the ability to respond – does not mean indulging in blame. I recognize that every challenge is an opportunity for me to heal, transform, and awaken.

  3. I establish myself in a state of defenselessness. I choose to not use my vital energy defending my point of view or attempting to convert another’s. I remain flexible and open while following the path of least effort.

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