The Chopra Center Newsletter     Dec 2011 Edition 

I am generous of spirit and give freely,
knowing that the flow of life's gifts is infinite.

Intention is the starting point of any spiritual path. Intention includes will and purpose, aspiration and highest vision. If you set your intention toward material existence, that will grow instead. Once you plant the seed of an intention, your soul’s journey will unfold automatically.

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What's next for you in 2012?

Where will 2012 take you? And what steps will you take to fulfill your dreams?



Are you in mind-body balance?

If you are feeling out of balance, experiencing lots of stress and anxiety, or are coping with a health issue, you're not alone.

Learn the steps to Perfect Health >>

Do you want to learn to quickly calm your body and clear your mind? Do you seek restful sleep? Do you desire enhanced health and enriched relationships? Are you new to meditation or wish to further your meditative practice?

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What's the best gift you've received or given in 2011?

Please share your stories and inspiration! Tell us about why the gift was so meaningful or memorable.

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A Gift of Love . . . to Yourself

Think of someone you love someone with every cell in your body. It might be your child, a parent who always encouraged you, or your spouse. Or maybe your beloved pet or a life-long friend. If you can feel or envision this expansive state of lovingness, you will recognize that it is possible to care for someone so much that your only desire is for that person or being to be happy. Now consider how you would feel if you could embrace this level of love for yourself. 

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