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Are You in Mind-Body Balance?

If you are feeling out of balance, experiencing lots of stress and anxiety, or are coping with a health issue, you are not alone.

To start on a path of rejuvenation and mind-body balance, you need to be willing to move beyond old patterns and ways of behaving. The first step is setting the intention to make the changes that will serve and nourish you and your life. Click here to learn some simple steps you can take to start improving your mind-body balance today.

Release Non-Nurturing Behaviors and Addiction

If you are engaging in life-damaging habits such as overeating, excessive drinking, smoking, and so on, letting them go will make a critical difference in your levels of health and wellbeing. Recognizing that it can be difficult to overcome addictive patterns on one’s own, the Chopra Center has partnered with Paradise Valley Wellness Center to offer a program based on the principles laid out by Deepak Chopra and David Simon in their book Freedom from Addiction.

Located in a breathtaking natural setting in British Columbia, Paradise Valley offers a completely integrative approach that blends Eastern healing practices with modern medical treatment.  Paradise Valley’s compassionate and highly trained staff  are experienced in helping people recover from all kinds of non-nurturing behaviors, including alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling, and Internet addiction – to name only a few. They also provide a unique continuing-care program following the residential stay to support guests as they return home and incorporate their new tools, skills, and insights into their daily lifestyle.

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