The Chopra Center Newsletter     Aug 2012 Edition

Seduction of Spirit: Discover Your Purpose
with special guest Marianne Williamson

October 29–November 4, 2012
La Costa Resort & Spa • Carlsbad, California

Why am I here?
What is my purpose?
How best can I serve?

If you are seeking answers to these questions, join Deepak Chopra for this October’s Seduction of Spirit, dedicated to awakening to your true life’s purpose.

At this unique retreat, Deepak and the Chopra Center’s master educators will guide you in timeless practices for connecting to your deepest self, that wise aspect of your being that knows who you are, why you’re here, and how you can use your gifts for the greatest benefit and fulfillment of everyone in your life – including yourself. This sense of purpose is known in Sanskrit as your dharma.

Discover Your Life's True Purpose

by Deepak Chopra, M.D.

How often do you ask yourself Who am I? What do I want? What is my purpose in life?

These questions come from the depths of our being, which is always nudging us to look beyond the world of appearances and discover our true life’s purpose, known in Sanskrit as dharma. When you’re connected to your deepest purpose, you live in the flow of creativity, love, enthusiasm, joy, and abundance. 

Clues that You’re Living Your Purpose

The spiritual Law of Dharma states that we all have a unique talent . . . something we love and do better than anyone else in the world.  When we use that special talent to serve others, we live in the fullest expression of our dharma. We experience personal fulfillment while simultaneously serving the needs of our family, our community, and the planet.

When you’re in your dharma . . .

  • You lose track of time. Instead of watching the clock or thinking about what you’d rather be doing, you’re fully immersed in present moment awareness.
  • You’re excited about the unfolding possibilities and the opportunity to serve others as you express your unique gifts and talents.
  • You don’t seek approval, security, or control. Knowing that your true source of abundance and creativity is infinite, you don’t get caught up in the ego’s archetypical power struggles.
  • Your chosen activity feels deeply right and natural to you, even when it sometimes challenges your abilities or, conversely, feels monotonous.
  • You enjoy your relationships with those who share your life and work
  • You feel aligned with the evolutionary flow of the universe, regularly experience synchronistic opportunities and encounters that support you in the fulfillment of your intentions and desires.

When you’re not living your true purpose, the clues are equally clear . . .

  • You don’t find intrinsic pleasure in your work or activities. You have a nagging feeling that there must be something more to life, even if you don’t know that that is.
  • You dread going to work or performing whatever activity currently fills your days. Time seems to drag and you can’t wait to stop.
  • Your relationships feel strained or even toxic.
  • You don’t feel like you’re expressing your uniqueness or individuality in your work.  You may doubt whether what you’re doing is truly serving others.
  • You expend a lot of energy resisting change or trying to force things to happen. You don’t feel aligned with the natural, evolutionary flow of the cosmos.

Keep in mind that finding and living your purpose isn’t a one-time effort. Dharma is an ever-evolving process that depends above all on expanding your self-awareness. Sometimes you will feel completely in the flow, living in harmony with the force of evolution on a moment-by-moment basis. Other times when you feel out of balance and constricted, you may be expressing only a small percentage of your dharma.

The Key to Discovering Who You Are and Why You’re Here

As you grow in self-awareness, you remove the blocks to your full potential and naturally live in tune with your true purpose. Meditation and reflection are essential tools on this journey of self-discovery. If you don’t already have a regular meditation practice, we encourage you to begin one. The Chopra Center’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge is an easy way to get started and learn the foundations of meditation.  We also offer instruction in Primordial Sound Meditation at every Chopra Center event, or you can look for a certified meditation teacher in your area here

Before you begin each meditation session, ask yourself the three soul questions: Who am I? What do I want? What is my dharma or purpose in life?  It doesn’t matter whether answers come to you immediately. Simply ask the questions and let them go as you enter the inner quiet of meditation.

As you continue to ask the questions and spend time each day in the expanded awareness of meditation, the answers will come, perhaps when you’re meditating or perhaps when you’re out in the world going about your everyday activities. Pay attention and notice when time seems to stand still, when you feel completely absorbed in what you’re doing as you use your talents to serve yourself and others. Following these steps will expand your ability to follow the trail of your destiny as it unfolds before you moment by moment.

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