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Want Deepak’s Help with Life’s Challenges?

In his new book, Deepak shares the key to transforming every obstacle into an opportunity for creativity, infinite possibility, and spiritual unfoldment.

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Happiness Is Living Your Purpose

According to the teachings of Vedanta and Sufism, happiness is being in your dharma – essentially discovering your purpose in life and then living a life of purpose. It’s a two-part equation: first understanding what it is you love to do; and then helping, healing, or serving others using your unique gifts and your special talents.

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Rewire Your Brain for Happiness

Meditation is one of the most powerful yet simple tools for altering the brain in many positive ways. There are numerous studies about the benefits of meditation in relieving stress and anxiety, improving sleep, nurturing deep states of calm. Almost every week, new scientific studies are coming out showing more neurological benefits of meditation.

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Finding Freedom from Addiction

Human beings seem to have an infinite capacity to become addicted to almost anything. In addition to physical addictions to drugs, alcohol, food and other substances, there are psychological and behavior addictions to everything from work and sex to gambling and exercise. 

When you’re caught in the repetitive thought patterns that underlie addictions, the best way to escape is to find a new perspective outside and above the entrapment you’ve unwittingly created.

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Yoga Practice: Return to Stillness

In a world that used to be much quieter, there is a rush to fill every moment with activity and stimulation. The yoga practice of pratyahara helps us temporarily withdraw our senses from the world so that we can tune into our own inner experience and wisdom. 

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The Five Awakenings

In the last months of his life, David reflected ever more deeply on what gives our human existence meaning. He distilled his musings into five core principles or awakenings:

1) silence, 2) love, 3) nature, 4) dharma, and 5) healing

His teachings resonated deep in the hearts of many, including the Chopra Center’s Operations and Events Director, Amanda Ringnalda. In this month’s interview, she reflects on the gifts David gave to so many people, including the teachings of the five awakenings and the power of simplicity.  

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