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Dear Newsletter Reader:

Spring is in the air! And Chopra Center University is blooming as it helps students to learn, share, teach, and master the timeless wisdom of meditation and Ayurveda.

Last month, 43 meditators from around the world took their practice to a higher level when they graduated from our spring teacher training intensive for Primordial Sound Meditation. This week at the Chopra Center we’re excited to have 30 teachers-in-training who will be completing their certification to become instructors of Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle. More than 35 countries have been represented at these certifications , including Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Columbia, Sweden, India, the U.S., Mexico, Chile, the UK, and Iran – just to name a few.

Everyone who chooses to get on the teacher’s path has individual reasons, unique desires, and different visions for what they will do with their foundational knowledge and new skills once they are certified as teachers of meditation, yoga, or Ayurveda. Our most recent meditation teacher training included a pediatric dentist wanting to teach children a calming technique that will help them in the dental chair; a lawyer who plans to teach meditation to help his colleagues let go of stress; a yoga teacher who is adding meditation instruction to her yoga classes because she has found it so valuable in her own life; a former marketing executive whose goals include teaching meditation to women in homeless shelters; and a mother of three who plans to partner with an oncologist to teach meditation to patients undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments for cancer.

Deepen Your Own Daily Practices

Some people enroll in a teacher training course with no plans to ever teach but out of a desire to deepen their own knowledge and practice. This was certainly my case. I had no desire to teach anyone anything but I was in love with Primordial Sound Meditation and wanted to take my knowledge to the next level. It wasn’t long before I also fell in love with the experience of sharing the gift of meditation with others . . . and here it is eight years later and I’m still loving teaching, meditating, and sharing.

Earlier this week, I had the chance to sit down with Lorin Zvilna, a certified instructor from Oakville, Ontario, Canada, who is here with us in the sweet spot at the Chopra Center this week for the Perfect Health teacher training.

Read Lorin's Interview here >>

If you’d like to learn the timeless teachings of meditation, Ayurveda, or yoga and become a member of the global Chopra Center instructor family and take YOUR life to the next level, we’d love to help you. Learn more about Chopra Center University here >>

Remember, we transform the world by transforming ourselves.

Peace. –davidji, Dean of Chopra Center University


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