The word moksha (MOKE-shah) is an ancient Sanskrit sutra that means freedom, liberation, or release. The sutra has been used for thousands of years by millions of people to transform negative energy into a higher state of awareness.

Whenever you feel stressed, anxious, or out of balance, imagine that you are pure, unlimited consciousness, free of whatever situation has thrown you off course. In a comfortable, seated position, close your eyes and silently repeat the words “Moksha. I am emotionally free.” Keep repeating the sutra for several minutes, letting it resonate deep within you.

Sutra meditation is a powerful practice for focusing your intentions and allowing them to unfold with effortless ease. You can learn more about sutras in Deepak Chopra’s book The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire. In addition, you can deepen your understanding of the power of intention, attention, and synchronicity at The Chopra Center’s SynchroDestiny workshop led by Deepak Chopra.

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