Ayurvedic Products Network

Ayurvedic Products Network

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Overview & Benefits

About the Ayurvedic Products Network

Designed by the world's leading experts in the field of mind-body medicine, the Chopra Center for Wellbeing is proud to introduce you to the Ayurvedic Products Network.  Providing qualified participants the tools to help their patients, guests, families, and friends benefit from the ancient healing practices of ayurveda, this exciting program allows you to generate income while helping the people closest to you balance, heal, and transform.


  • Affiliation with bestselling authors, physicians, and teachers Deepak Chopra M.D. and David Simon M.D.
  • Extensive ayurveda and product training
  • Substantial financial rewards
  • Perfect companion program for web site owners
  • Flexibility to purchase inventory or not
  • 24-hour on-line educational resources
  • Be your own boss
  • Sales and marketing tools and training to build stronger relationships
  • Opportunity to help people experience a happier, healthier life.
Steps to Join

Steps to Join

  1. Visit Ayurvedic Products Network
  2. Submit an application online (If you are applying for the Retail Program you must complete our Journey Into Healing program prior to submitting an application)
  3. Receive Pre-approval from the Chopra Center Staff
  4. Download and print the Training Guide
  5. Retail Program applicants must pass an on-line test
  6. Fax in a W-9 form and a signed consultant agreement
  7. Receive a unique Referral Consultant code and Tracking Link
  8. Gain access to a variety of Chopra Center banners for your pre-approved web site
  9. You are now certified. Once you are certified, you can begin helping the world balance, heal and transform


How do I register?
A: You may apply online at any time to become an Ayurvedic Products Consultant. You must have attended Journey Into Healing in order to be eligible for the Retail Program.  Upon reviewing your information, a Chopra Center staff member will respond with your next steps.

 What type of products will I be able to represent? 

A: Our Signature Line which includes Ayurvedic supplements, organic teas, aroma candles, aroma touch oils, massage oils, spice blends and hair and body care.


Who's eligible?
A: Anyone can become an Ayurvedic Products Consultant. We created the two different programs (on-line referral and retail) so that everyone could participate.

Can this become my job? 
A: Those who are truly dedicated should be able to generate substantial income from this program. The amount of money that comes in is dependent on the amount of energy you put into growing your business.

Will I be a certified Chopra Center teacher? 
A: You will be a certified Ayurvedic Products Consultant which is different than our certified instructors. A certified instructor has gone through extensive training in Primordial Sound Meditation, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, and/or Ayurveda and is qualified to teach classes and lead groups. The Ayurvedic Products Consultants are able to teach people the principles and practices that support the products and can generate income based upon sales or referrals.

With that in mind, we strongly encourage all Consultants to become certified instructors so that they deepen their understanding of these powerful modalities and further expand their core offerings.


On-Line Referral and Retail Programs

APN On Line Referral Program

APN Referral Consultants can generate income on the sale of Chopra Center products on-line in two ways.  

Each Consultant will receive a unique Referral Code to be shared with friends, family and associates.  When a new customer inputs the referral consultant’s code at the Chopra Center’s online store checkout, the consultant will begin to earn commissions of 20% on Chopra Center Signature Products and 5% on intellectual products *(Certified Chopra Center Teachers will receive 35% on signature products).   In addition, first time customers will receive free domestic shipping on their first order.  Referral Consultants will retain ownership of that customer account and receive quarterly commissions on all subsequent orders made by that customer within a two year ownership period. 

APN Referral Consultants may also earn quarterly commissions by displaying Chopra Center text links, or product links on their Web site, in e-mail campaigns, or in search listings. A variety of banners from the Chopra Center will be made available for use on preapproved websites.  The consultant’s unique APN Referral Code will be tied to the banners issued. If a visitor to the approved website clicks through to the Chopra store and purchases items, they will receive free domestic shipping on their first order, and the consultant will again earn that customer ownership and receive commissions on all subsequent orders made by that customer within the two year ownership period.

APN Retail Program

Allows qualified locations (doctor offices, chiropractic offices, naturopathic offices, acupuncturists, wellness studios, and yoga studios) to carry inventory of Signature Products to offer for retail. The financial structure for this program is outlined below. Wholesale accounts purchase Chopra Center Signature Products at a 35% discount and receive a 20% discount off retail on intellectual products (books, music, tapes, videos, etc.)
Cumulative minimum quarterly purchase(s) threshold of $1200 for Retail Consultants to remain enabled as a reseller.  If there is a failure to realize $1200 of wholesale orders by the first day of every quarter a termination notice will be given.  Once the notice is given Retail Consultants will have 15 days to realize the minimum quarterly purchase price after which if the minimum is not met the account will be permanently disabled.