Chopra Summit 2014
The Future of Science and Spirituality
December 11 - December 14, 2014

Join us at Chopra Summit 2014: The Future of Science and Spirituality! A brand-new event led by Deepak Chopra!

Awaken to your extraordinary potential for higher consciousness, transformation, and healing. Join us for the premiere of Chopra Summit, an exciting, three-day event where Deepak Chopra, Rudy Tanzi, Vamadeva Shastri, and other luminaries will guide you in the leading-edge discoveries of science, spirituality, and mind-body medicine.

Who Should Attend? 

Chopra Summit was created for anyone interested in learning how to use the wisdom of spirituality and science to create a better, happier life.  

Join us at Chopra Summit if you want to:

  • Explore the dynamics of spirituality and the human spirit
  • Expand your vision of who you are and what you can become
  • Discover the latest insights into the relationship between science and spirituality
  • Learn and experience the power of meditation
  • Learn the latest and greatest devices to support your meditation practice and measure personal biofeedback
  • Change your life by influencing your genes

This event is a rare opportunity for anyone interested in questions such as, “What is the next stage of human evolution?” and “How can we enhance our capacity for total wellbeing, including the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, financial, and ecological realms of our lives?

What will you experience at the Chopra Summit?

The Chopra Summit brings together some of the world’s leading scientists and spiritual masters for a powerful three-day exploration of the relationship between spirituality, science, and mind-body healing.

Each day includes interactive sessions, experiential learning, and the chance to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.

In addition, the Chopra Summit features:

  • The opportunity to spend a significant amount of time with Deepak Chopra in an intimate setting, as he engages in a personal dialogue with participants and helps you apply the wisdom of science and spirituality in your daily life
  • Fascinating sessions led by members of the UCSD Digital Team and the UCSF Faculty, who will present the latest research on the power of meditation 
  • A panel discussion and debate about the most current research findings in health, epigenetics (the study of genes), and the Human Genome Project
  • A special presentation by Deepak, who will share his latest insights from his forthcoming book, The Future of God.
  • Delectable Ayurvedic lunches and dinners
  • Daily yoga classes led by Chopra Center master educator Gabrielle Forleo
  • An interactive discussion where you will be guided to reflect on  these questions:
    • What insights have I discovered?
    • What am I curious about?
    • How/what have I learned that can be applied to my life?

Chopra Summit will be co-hosted by Chopra Center master educators Amanda Ringnalda and Rene Ringnalda.

If you want to discover how to use the wisdom of spirituality and science to create a better, happier life, take the next steps now by joining us at Chopra Summit 2014: The Future of Science and Spirituality!  

Special Pricing
$ 1,575$ 2,475
Expires Apr 30, 2014

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