Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver app for iPhones & Androids

Dream Weaver App

Introducing the Dream Weaver App for Meditation, Deep Relaxation, and Dreaming

Anyone with a smartphone can now instantly experience a state of meditation, deep relaxation, and dreaming with the new Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver app.

Available for both iPhone and Android, the Dream Weaver app uses the LED strobe light on the smartphone synchronized with Deepak’s narration, holographic sounds, and original music. Users experience this program with the strobe light pulsing rhythmically through closed eyelids, inducing a meditative, relaxed or dream state, depending on which settings are chosen.

“We are excited to make the powerful technology of Dream Weaver available in this new app, which makes it easy to meditate anytime, anywhere in the world,” said Deepak Chopra.  “As a growing body of scientific studies shows, meditation offers profound benefits for physical health and emotional wellbeing – including stress reduction, decreased blood pressure and heart disease,  alleviation of depression and anxiety, chronic pain, and many other health issues. I meditate daily and have taught meditation for over thirty years.  It’s one of the most important things one can do.”

Deepak added that while there is no substitute for authentic meditation, most wisdom traditions have evolved methods to help people achieve altered states and move towards the direction of transcendence, such as chanting, kirtan, and trance dance.  The rhythm of these wisdom tradition practices slows people’s brain waves from their normal busy brain frequency we call Beta (13-30 cycles per second or Hz), to Alpha (8-13Hz) – meditation, Theta (4-8Hz) – deep relaxation and dreaming, and Delta (.5-4Hz) – dreamless sleep.  

The Dream Weaver app is a modern version of these ancient practices for entering deeper states of consciousness and may be particularly beneficial for people who have trouble meditating, relaxing, and experiencing inner quiet.

The Dream Weaver App "Virtual Trip to the Forest" is now available for iOS iPhones from the Apple App store at this link, and for Android phones and tablets that have LED strobes at Google Play at this link.