Create moments of pure awareness when you meditate on the seventh chakra. The more time you...
by Michelle Fondin
Located in the area of the third eye, the Ajna chakra connects you to your center of intuition....
by Michelle Fondin
Many yoga classes today focus mostly on postures, but the physical movements are only a segment of...
by Jennifer Carter Avgerinos
When you truly know yourself, you exude confidence that allows you to live with grace and ease. You...
by Andrea Becky Hanson
man doing tai chi
When you decide to let go of ego and embrace a spiritual life, the rewards are abundant. Learn to...
by Roger Gabriel (Raghavanand)
burning sage
The ancient ritual of burning plants can clear your energy and help you to start anew. Find out how...
by Bess O'Connor
Let Go of Limitations and Open to Divine Joy
Learn to release expectations and trust in the Divine energy. You’ll be surprised at how your life...
by Panache Desai
Guy with open arms
In order to achieve unity within yourself and with your environment, you have to transcend the...
by Leo Carver
Couple Holding Hands
When the newness of love starts to wane, and daily life returns to normal, it becomes more...
by Leo Carver and Melissa Carver, Ph.D.
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