Personal Growth

Life is rich with possibilities, but how do you hone in on what you’re meant to do? These six steps...
by Rachelle Williams
Woman Drinking Tea Relaxing
Women have a natural instinct to put others first, often at the expense of their own health and...
by Melissa Carver, Ph.D.
Emotional responses often lead to remorse and regret. Feel good about your reactions by creating...
by Adam Brady
Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide
Share the gift of mind-body health this season with everyone on your list!
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How you live your life is your silent message to others. Here’s how to ensure that your life says...
by Donna Miesbach
woman waking up
Don’t let negative energy bring you down. Increase the amount of positivity in your life with a few...
by Melissa Carver, Ph.D.
We live in an overstimulated society where connection and kindness are falling outside of the norm...
by Cindy Cordova
Find out how martial arts can help you meet all your basic human needs and create a path to your...
by Adam Brady
Friends hugging
Research has shown that happiness spreads readily, and that knowing someone who is happy makes you...
by Bhava Ram
Woman walking on path
Have you ever had the experience of finding yourself on a new path in life, and suddenly you feel...
by Trista Thorp