Create positive patterns and achieve more than you thought possible with these daily affirmations.
by Melissa Carver, Ph.D.
There has never been a better moment in human history than right now to be a woman. Nobody in the...
by Elizabeth Gilbert
In times of weakness and self-doubt, looking to leaders, archetypes, and heroines can be great...
by Melissa Carver, Ph.D.
Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide
Share the gift of mind-body health this season with everyone on your list!
We live in an overstimulated society where connection and kindness are falling outside of the norm...
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Research has shown that happiness spreads readily, and that knowing someone who is happy makes you...
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Inspiration runs high at workshops and retreats; it’s after the session ends that the real test...
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In this TEDx Talk, Marianne Williamson discusses how the ways we perceive the world we’re...
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Over the course of a decade, one man started his meditation and yoga journey, and then took steps—...
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Man Looking Out Window
Why am I here? What is my purpose? How do I discover and fulfill my deepest mission? These are...
by Deepak Chopra, M.D.