Healthy Eating

We truly are what we eat. During times of challenge for the mind or body, nutrition is one of the...
by Melania Lizano
According to Ayurveda, good digestion is the most significant factor in our overall health. It will...
by Chef Johnny Brannigan
coconut goji
Looking for a healthy meal that will delight your senses and help you find lightness in the body?...
by Chef Johnny Brannigan
As a health-conscious parent, it’s easy to walk through a school cafeteria and cringe at the...
by Michelle Fondin
You’ve heard it from mom and many others over the years because it’s true: breakfast is the most...
by Melissa Eisler
cucumber salad
One way to counteract the hot summer days is to include more juicy, cooling foods in your diet, and...
by Sandhiya Ramaswamy
Summer brings with it beautiful weather, a change in daily activities and—for many people—a...
by Trista Thorp
family picnic
Take your next meal with you to the beach, park, or playground for a picnic the whole family will...
by Melissa Eisler
Question: Meditation Versus Sleep?Dear Deepak,I've been interested in the subject of meditating and...
by Deepak Chopra
Wondering what to do with all that luscious and abundant summer produce?  This time of year...
by Teresa Long



 Many studies have been done on the efficacy of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices on treating stress, chronic disease, and more. The Self-Directed Biological Initiative study is the first study to look at all of these modalities together.

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