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Americans have a lot to learn from other cultures, and from the unpredictable nature of life away...
by Tamara Lechner
woman running
Is running a form of meditation? Running offers many of the physical and psychological benefits...
by Dimitra Panaritis
cucumber salad
One way to counteract the hot summer days is to include more juicy, cooling foods in your diet, and...
by Sandhiya Ramaswamy
pregnant woman eating
Pregnant women receive so much conflicting and unsolicited advice when it comes to nutrition—they...
by Melania Lizano
Our predominant dosha indicates our unique energy patterning that manifests as our physical, mental...
by Marty Cottler, Ph.D.
meditating in the office
Whether a company employs 25 people or 25,000, it can reap huge benefits from providing meditation...
by Elba Mueller
There’s good stress and there’s bad stress. Do you know the difference? And how are you dealing...
by Melissa Eisler
Summer brings with it beautiful weather, a change in daily activities and—for many people—a...
by Trista Thorp
Interested in going on a retreat, but not sure when you’ll find the time go, which retreat to try,...
by Gabrielle Forleo
lady putting on sunscreen
The only way to be absolutely sure of what’s in your sunscreen is by making it yourself. Reduce...
by Suanne Harns



 Many studies have been done on the efficacy of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices on treating stress, chronic disease, and more. The Self-Directed Biological Initiative study is the first study to look at all of these modalities together.

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