Article by Leo Carver B.A. PSY

Leo Carver B.A. PSY

Leo Carver B.A. PSY, along with wife Dr. Melissa Carver, make up the core of Holistic Life Sciences. Serving as a Chopra Center certified Perfect Health Teacher, Life Coach, and Ayurvedic consultant, Leo Carver is well-versed in lifestyle-based medicine and transformational healing. Leo obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kentucky State University with a minor in Biology, graduating with high honors from the department.

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Your pulse is not just a number on a doctor’s chart. It’s the rhythm of consciousness in your body. Find out what secrets it can reveal.
Ayurveda teaches us to value the informational treasure that poop really is. If you want to take responsibility for your health and improve your digestion, there’s no better way to get a snapshot of your current state of digestive imbalance than to take a look before you flush.