Expanding Your Happiness


An Introduction to Meditation (2:45)

Deepak shares his tips and advice for new meditators.

How to Meditate (2:21)

Deepak introduces meditation basics.

Evolve Your Practice (2:09)

Tips and a unique definition of “guru.”

The Science of Meditation (1:43)

What are the benefits of meditation?

What is the Gap Between Thoughts? (4:23)

Deepak explains the mechanics of meditation.

An Everyday Meditation (2:06)

Deepak shares a daily centering meditation.

Tips to Start Meditating (1:01)

With Marlo Thomas, Deepak explains meditation and shares tips.

Sensations During Meditation (2:13)

Deepak shows how to enter deeper levels of stillness.


Embodied Universe (3:19)

Do we have a living relationship to the universe?

Self-Empowerment (10:21)

Deepak explains human energy and human power.

Ask Deepak - Words of Wisdom (4:00)

Deepak talks about the the best advice he's ever received.

What is Intuition? (2:02)

Deepak explains what happens when you are experiencing intuition.

Can We Influence Our Own Evolution? (4:25)

Deepak explores how we can influence human and cosmic evolution.

To Know the World Feel Your Body (1:55)

Our body is a field of energy and information.


The Secret of Creativity (2:17)

Deepak explains the secret of creativity.

What Makes Us Human? (2:38)

Self Awareness - Deepak explains what makes us human.

Journey to Enlightenment (5:14)

Deepak explains how awareness transforms your life experience.

Infinite Possibilities is Your True Self (2:41)

Infinite possibility is your true self! Learn with Deepak.

What is the Purpose of Life? (2:42)

What is the purpose of life? Learn with Deepak.

Social Networks and the Global Brain (3:03)

Deepak explains the power of creating global community.


Who am I? (2:53)

The ultimate identity is the only true freedom.

The Wonder of You (1:12)

Deepak explores the mystery of your body in its growth from a single cell.

Law of Attraction (3:26)

Consciousness manifests through infinite organizing power.

What Can Make You Irresistible? (4:46)

Three ingredients of an irresistible, magnetic, charming person...

How Does Forgiveness Heal? (2:25)

Deepak explains the healing power of forgiveness.

Spiritual Solutions (2:14)

Is there scientific proof of a spiritual world?


Being Present (2:25)

Cultivate present moment awareness and timelessness.

Body & Mind Identity (3:33)

Deepak explains why we are not our body or our mind.

Erasing Biological Aging (2:21)

Change our perceptions for ageless living.

Maximize Time (2:43)

How to make the best use of our time.

What to Eat (4:38)

Deepak explains eating the Ayurvedic way – 6 tastes and 7 colors.

Super Brain (5:33)

With Dr. Tanzi, Deepak explains how to change the structure of the brain.