Expanding Your Happiness


An Introduction to Meditation (2:45)

Deepak shares his tips and advice for new meditators.

How to Meditate (2:21)

Deepak introduces meditation basics.

Evolve Your Practice (2:09)

Tips and a unique definition of “guru.”

The Science of Meditation (1:43)

What are the benefits of meditation?

What is the Gap Between Thoughts? (4:23)

Deepak explains the mechanics of meditation.

An Everyday Meditation (2:06)

Deepak shares a daily centering meditation.

Tips to Start Meditating (1:01)

With Marlo Thomas, Deepak explains meditation and shares tips.

Sensations During Meditation (2:13)

Deepak shows how to enter deeper levels of stillness.


What is the Secret of Team Building (3:06)

Deepak Chopra describes three ingredients that lead to the most successful teams.

How to Identify a Problem and Start Solving It (2:24)

Deepak helps guide you with spiritual solutions.

What Are the Secrets of Charisma (2:18)

Deepak addresses how these qualities manifest themselves in great leaders

Living the American Dream(2:53)

What does it mean to live "the American dream"?


The Relationship between Belief and Reality

Deepak explains how our beliefs shape our reality.

Does Reality Shift as our Consciousness Evolves? (4:21)

Reality changes in different states of consciousness.

What is our True Identity? (3:19)

Deepak explores how our mental reality influences our sense of identity.

The Importance of Gratitude (1:15)

Gratitude is the path toward your higher self.


What Makes Us Human? (2:37)

Deepak explores the capabilities unique to human beings.

Being Present

Cultivate present moment awareness and timelessness.

What is Consciousness? (3:22)

Our existence and everything we experience is dependent on our conciousness.

What is the Purpose of Life? (2:42)

What is the purpose of life? Learn with Deepak.


Embodied Universe (3:19)

Do we have a living relationship to the universe?

Self-Empowerment (10:21)

Deepak explains human energy and human power.

Ask Deepak - Words of Wisdom (4:00)

Deepak talks about the the best advice he's ever received.

What is Intuition?

Deepak explains what happens when you are experiencing intuition.


The Secret of Creativity (2:17)

Deepak explains the secret of creativity.

What Makes Us Human? (2:38)

Self Awareness - Deepak explains what makes us human.

Journey to Enlightenment (5:14)

Deepak explains how awareness transforms your life experience.

Infinite Possibilities is Your True Self (2:41)

Infinite possibility is your true self! Learn with Deepak.


Who am I? (2:53)

The ultimate identity is the only true freedom.

Law of Attraction (3:26)

Consciousness manifests through infinite organizing power.

What Can Make You Irresistible? (4:46)

Three ingredients of an irresistible, magnetic, charming person...

How Does Forgiveness Heal? (2:25)

Deepak explains the healing power of forgiveness.


Body & Mind Identity

Deepak explains why we are not our body or our mind.

Erasing Biological Aging (2:21)

Change our perceptions for ageless living.

Maximize Time (2:43)

How to make the best use of our time.

What to Eat (4:38)

Deepak explains eating the Ayurvedic way – 6 tastes and 7 colors.