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Welcome to the first edition of our 21-Day Meditation Challenge™ Mandala Newsletter! Thank you for being a member of our worldwide community.

Today, Oprah and Deepak invite you to be part of our global movement. Together we can radiate the love, compassion, and message of hope by sharing the infinite possibilities available to each of us through meditation. Listen to the free Global Perfect Health meditation. Then, pass it on to everyone you know! We can change the world, one meditation at a time.

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The 21-Day Meditation Challenge™ Team

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That Special Place

All my life I have been trying to find that special place, 
Where I could be the spiritual me.

Searching everywhere in the world,
Where was that quiet voice I often heard.

So desperate to find my authentic self,
My anxious efforts and thoughts were affecting my health.

Stuck and confused with my life,
My mind filled with so much strife. 

But then what I was seeking began to appear,
Ever so slowly like a far off vision as I got near.

One day sitting quietly and being still,
My body began to feel a chill.

21 days had finally brought me to that special place,
With the help of God's good grace.

Now, my heart's singing with glee, 
Meditation is setting my spiritual self free.

© Rod Gypin
21-Day Meditation Challenge Participant

Our global community gathers during each 21-Day Meditation Challenge™ offering each other support, encouragement and wisdom. Join our Facebook community to interact with like-minded meditators and to be the first to receive announcements about our summer Challenge, Miraculous Relationships. Meet four of our Perfect Health participants in our new Meditators' Spotlight.

Ellie Mozhentiy

Ellie Mozhentiy

Washington DC, United States

21DMC: How has the 21-Day Meditation Challenge™ experience changed your life?

Ellie: The 21-Day Meditation Challenge™ has changed my life. I see the world differently. Perfect Health inspired me to start a wellness journal. It is a 'whole' person journal. It charts my day--from my quiet time to what I am feeding into my body, mind and soul. The meditation just centers me, and heightens my awareness and senses. I am living love each day. I have learned to redirect any intrusive negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones. I have learned to quiet the noise, focus, cultivate, and nurture a meaningful life. One of my favorite quotes is from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye." I have definitely learned to trust my heart, and I am more confident and grounded in my decision-making.

21DMC: What words of insight and encouragement do you have for those new to meditation?

Ellie: If you are new to meditation, I say keep an open mind and don't give up when your mind wanders. Consistency pays off. Over time you will be able to go to that quiet place. Even if those around you do not understand your practice and question your practice, don't let that discourage you. Meditation is a vehicle that can enhance every aspect of your life, regardless of your cultural background, or religious beliefs. Meditation is universal.

Lourdes Margarita Baldizon

Lourdes Margarita Baldizon

Guatemala, Central America

21DMC: Have you changed any ways that you take care of your body, mind, and spirit as a result of the Perfect Health meditation experience?

Lourdes: I have learned to be more conscious of what I eat and how I look at myself.  I now take care of my mind by using positive thinking about the parts of my body that are in pain. I have also learned to love the parts of my body that I don´t like.  While I cannot exercise, meditation has connected me to my inner strength and I now choose to move around my home more often and do the best I can cleaning, gardening, and cooking which takes care of my mind and body. I take care of my sprit through meditation and prayer which has brought me gratitude and consciousness of who I really am. For me, meditating does not mean that I will not have any more problems - it means I will be able to face them better. My life has changed; in the midst of adversity and health challenges, meditation helped me discover my passion, joy, strength and purpose.

21DMC: How are you sharing the gifts of meditation in your community?

Lourdes: When I first started to experience the benefits of the 21-Day Meditation Challenge™, I knew I had to share the opportunity with others. I invited friends in Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, and France to participate. In my hometown, many of my friends noticed a big difference in my attitude despite difficult challenges in my life. After learning that meditation helped me so much they too wanted to give it a try. Many of my friends do not speak English, so I have helped translate the messages so that they can participate.

It is important to me to help other people by being a testimony of life. While I don´t tell everyone what is going on in my life, I do share my story to encourage others to meditate. I hope to help others find the good things they have in life through meditation and the power of gratitude.

Rodney Gypin

Rodney Gypin

California, United States

21DMC: What did you take away as a first-time 21-Day Meditation Challenge™ participant?

Oprah & Deepak's 21-Day Meditation Challenge, Perfect Health has been the most positive and rewarding experience I could have imagined, changing my life in so many ways. In life, I am on a renewed path to connect to my calling and passion. I am focused on finding my true purpose in life (dharma) and living each day using my unique talents, gifts, and by helping others. I will continue to meditate and do the activities that will connect me to my spiritual self and true purpose. I find that I am now more aware of my self-talk. I am making time for walking, and I am also taking new classes. I am changing my diet to be more organic and nutritious. Today I feel unstuck and my mood is more optimistic. As I go through a major transition in my life, moving from a significant 21-year career to the next half of my life, meditation has helped me move forward.  I am beginning to find out who I really am and what I want to do. I believe meditation will help me discover my purpose and find fulfillment.

21DMC: What did you enjoy about our 21-Day Meditation Challenge™ global community?

Rodney: Sharing messages of love, hope, and positive creativity in our virtual community of meditation is amazing. Perfect Health brought people together from all over the world in a common goal to be healthy, happy, whole, and connected to the universe. This has been helpful for me. I have been struggling to get on to the next phase of my life and I feel strongly that this path and community will help me find my dharma. I have enjoyed the journey so much and I can't wait for what's to come based on how I feel after only weeks. I am now a converted life-long meditator! It's so wonderful to feel enthused, supported, and hopeful about the future's unbounded possibilities. I have the CDs and will use them daily. I also look forward to another challenge in the future, to be with everyone again. In the words of Deepak, "I will mind the time," until next time.

Milton Lee Norris

Milton Lee Norris

New York, United States

21DMC: What are the rituals you have incorporated into your 21-Day Meditation Challenge™ daily practice?

Milton: My morning ritual begins with awakening, giving thanks, writing down five things that I am grateful for in my "Gratitude Journal," sipping on some black coffee and water. Then I pray, and ask God to open my body, mind, heart, soul and spirit to be open to receive and give that which he has for me. I ask how I can serve and ask that I be used according to his will and to let his will be done. I surrender to him, asking him to use me as he sees fit, so that I may be a vessel. I look at the 15 things on my intention and desire list, and read them before meditating. Then I do the three-part breathing, which was suggested in this last 21-Day Mediation Challenge - Perfect Health. After this, I start meditating for 15-20 minutes. I complete the meditation time by writing down my reflections from the meditation.

21DMC: You shared many meditation reflections with our Facebook community during the Challenge. Will you share a meaningful moment from your recent Perfect Health journey?

Milton: Meditation helps me to get centered and when I do, let me just say that the stillness and the silence of my mind is beautiful. Sometimes I connect with my passion and truth, and other times I experience knowing and guidance. During one of the Perfect Health meditation sessions I felt the presence of a woman. It was a strong presence, and then I realized that this presence was of a woman I knew and who knew me; she died over seven years ago. This woman was my mother, and she told me that I was always different. She knew it and she told me that I knew it too. "So write," she said. "I enjoy your words, and so will others." She shared the insight that many will love my words and that others will be critical and try finding fault. She wisely guided me not to worry. "Just continue to write and always tell the truth." She said, "Just do your best and when you've done that, well then that's all you need to do. Just continue being yourself and doing what brings you joy, because someone will understand this joy of yours."  She said to me, "You are blessed, so share your blessings." I was grateful for this beautiful experience. Being grateful comes from the heart and soul, which brings joy to us and others as well. I am grateful for everything.

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