Traci Porterfield

Traci Porterfield

Human Resources Consultant

Traci Porterfield is a Human Resources Consultant at the Chopra Center, as well as a Dating Coach, Matchmaker, Relationship Coach, and the CEO and Founder of Love by Design, a personalized matchmaking and relationship coaching service.  With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and over 20 years experience with recruiting and coaching, she founded her matchmaking company after years as an Executive with motivational speaker and self-help author, Tony Robbins, where she learned about the importance of getting clarity on what we want our life to look like and taking massive action to make it happen.  

She uses her serendipitous combination of personal development, professional recruiting, coaching and highly developed intuitive skills to help others embrace the dating journey, feel empowered by the process, and ultimately find their perfect match.  Learn more at

Articles by Traci Porterfield

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