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Cheryl Angela

Cheryl combines her training in therapeutic harp music with energy healing and chakra balancing tones to help participants  heal and transform all areas of their life and cultivate wellbeing. Her music has been described as “breathtakingly beautiful,” “angelic and heavenly,” and “deeply touching the most profound center of the heart and soul.”It is that ability to reach right into the heart and soul of her listeners that make Cheryl’s music so transcendent and transforming.

“The field of harp and sound therapy has been a very fulfilling and rewarding journey, and one which has enabled me to bring together my lifelong pursuits of healing, my love of music, the harp, and my desire to ease the suffering and pain of others.”  – Cheryl Angela

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If you are struggling with pain from the past that is preventing you from experiencing happiness in the present, now is the time to release this emotional toxicity and set yourself free. Emotional pain takes many forms: the grief of loss, overwhelming stress and anxiety, depression, job burnout, feeling stuck, heart break, regret, the inability to trust, anger, and worry about...