Spa Specials

For a limited time, enjoy a soul-nurturing Ayurvedic massage based upon Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old healing system of therapies designed to revitalize, balance, and restore you at the deepest cellular level.
Special pricing available through April 23, 2017 on Sunday's. Limited appointments available. Call 760-494-1605 to book your appointment. 

Pinda Sweda

Special Price $349 ($395)

A rejuvenating Pinda Sweda treatment is the perfect remedy for sluggish energy and a stiff achy body.  Using poultices of warm rice and herbs, two therapists deliver a soothing, rhythmic massage that is deeply nourishing to the skin, muscles bones and joints.  The result is increased energy, circulation and mobility, along with a wonderful sense of lightness and calm.

Call 760-494-1605 to book your appointment.