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A mother and a daughter smiling and holding hands
The playground may not seem like an obvious place for your yoga practice, but for a busy parent it may be the only chance to fit it in, so why not multitask? Here are some poses that you can easily practice outdoors while your kids play.Read More
A man doing yoga on the beach
Vedanta offers us four paths of yoga to help us rediscover who we are and return to a life of joy, bliss, and freedom. Read how you can incorporate each of the paths into your life.Read More
Planning a vacation? Good idea. Taking annual vacations is not only a fun way to learn about a new place and connect with loved ones outside of the daily grind, but it’s also a great way to reduce stress and it’s good for your health. If you’re feeling burned out, pair your time off with an event...Read More
“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” ― Phil Collins The path of the teacher, although an often underrated and overlooked occupation, is a truly noble path. Indeed, the ability to teach others effectively is one of the most valuable and vital skill sets you could ever...Read More
As we advance through the stages of the eight limbs of yoga , we come to the seventh limb called dhyana. Often, dhyana is used interchangeably with the practice of meditation. There is, however, a distinct difference between meditation as a practice and the state of being that is dhyana . The...Read More
Home life can be beautifully hectic, especially when there are children in the household. While we know that a personal yoga practice has myriad benefits for the individual, a family yoga practice has the potential to bring parents and kids closer together, while adding the further benefits of...Read More
The changing of the seasons is often a tricky time for health. On one hand, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you may be excited with the end of winter and happy to see the budding flowers of spring. On the other hand, the rapid changes in weather and seasonal allergies can leave you feeling...Read More
Most people have heard of the seven chakras (Sanskrit for “wheels”) and have perhaps read about their interpretations, which can become very complex. A simple and practical way to view the chakras, though, is as meeting points, or interfaces, between mind and body. Every bodily sensation is part of...Read More