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Despite yoga’s popularity, most practitioners aren’t expert yogis. Most students in yoga classes are new to the practice—and many have unanswered questions. It can be daunting to even think about asking a question when you see that fit 20-something folding herself perfectly into every pose. Here...Read More
Ever wonder what your yoga teacher is thinking about while you’re striking a pose and taking a deep breath? Their thoughts might just surprise you—and at least make you laugh. Welcome to the mind of the deeply flawed and hardly perfect yoga teacher. Brace yourself, and please try not to laugh too...Read More
The call to step into the role of teacher can be frightening. Even after your training, you might wonder if you know enough, if you’re ready, if you really have what it takes to be a good teacher. You start comparing yourself to other instructors and trainers, and wonder if you’ll be “that good.”...Read More
Have you ever had the experience of finding yourself on a new path in life and suddenly you feel like you’re all alone? You’ve just stepped into a new version of yourself. You’re becoming more aware and you’re paying closer attention to the choices you’re making. Things that used to be your ‘norm’...Read More
By the time I decided to become a Primordial Sound Meditation teacher, I had already been attending Chopra Center events and practicing meditation and yoga for a decade. Shifts and changes in my personal life inspired me to take the opportunity to become a teacher in 2006, which hadn’t previously...Read More
In 2012, I attended a small ceremony with my art teacher, a striking woman who paints abstract watercolors that speak directly to your heart. The ceremony was inspired by her spiritual study of Native American culture. We played drums, chanted, lit sage, and welcomed everyone as we went around in a...Read More
It’s hard to believe that in 2005, I could barely walk, and now I can ski down black diamonds and trek in the Himalayas. It’s hard to believe that I once thought meditation was a bunch of Southern California woo-woo hippie talk, and now I research its effectiveness. It’s hard to believe that less...Read More
One of the core experiences we all seek is delight, and one of the most common words we use for this experience is happiness. We all want to be happy, and we seek it in countless ways. But there is another word that we use in a similar way—joy. These two words—happiness and joy—actually have...Read More