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Stress and fatigue are often unwelcome guests during the holiday season. Stress might join you while cooking a holiday meal, decorating your house in preparation for a party, or shopping at a crowded mall. It can manifest as aches and pains, prevent you from sleeping through the night, and dampen...Read More
Are your holidays full of relaxation and quality time with family? If not, you’re not alone. In fact, 90 percent of Americans who completed a survey indicated that they feel stress during the holidays and 24 percent experience difficulty with family members. If you’re looking for ways to reduce...Read More
Life is full of stressors such as painful break ups, important work projects, and paying bills. When these stressful events occur, you may have noticed an increased tendency to gravitate toward the refrigerator. And it turns out you’re not alone—38 percent of adults reported overeating or eating...Read More
Nadi Shodhana, or “alternate nostril breathing,” is a simple yet powerful technique that settles the mind, body, and emotions. You can use it to quiet your mind before beginning a meditation practice, and it is particularly helpful to ease racing thoughts if you are experiencing anxiety, stress, or...Read More
Deadlines, to-do lists, projects, and responsibilities: they all help make our lives feel a little too hectic, unmanageable, and even out of control. One of the greatest skills you can acquire is learning how to access your internal compass and find your center in times of stress.   We all...Read More
Stop for a second. Listen. What do you hear? The mechanical hum of the refrigerator? The whir of the clothes dryer? The digital ding of an incoming email? The ubiquitous, persistent, nerve-splitting, never-ending drone of a leaf blower? And, that’s if you live in the suburbs. You city dwellers are...Read More
We all know how unpleasant and uncomfortable stress can feel, but just how unhealthy is it? While studies have shown short-term stress can help boost the immune system, chronic stress can have significant negative effects that leave us susceptible to illness. Let’s face it: we can’t eliminate...Read More
Some people naturally have trouble concentrating, but Vatas especially tend to have a difficult time. With a predominance of air and space, Vatas usually have more trouble grounding themselves than other doshas. Vatas are known to be creative, communicative, changeable, quick, and spontaneous, none...Read More