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The ancient practice of yoga is so much more than the physical practice that we've come to know in modern times. The word "yoga" means union of body, mind, and spirit. If you look closer at the origins of yoga, you'll come to know that it’s an invitation to part the veils that cloak the deepest...Read More
This is the message of Vedanta: “What is that which, by being known, everything else becomes known.” We often hear the word "Vedanta" in yoga classes, meditation groups, and spiritual gatherings. What is Vedanta, and where does it come from? "Veda" means complete knowledge and "anta" means end...Read More
Many of us may recognize a separation from the soul, but might not know how to get started on the path to wholeness. Try these African healing methods to begin the journey back to the soul.Read More
Unless you are a highly evolved, enlightened being, Karma affects your life in every way; in fact, your life is the constant unfolding of Karma! The Karmic Software Karma means action. Physics shows that for every action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction. Karma is energy, which in...Read More
You get in your car and punch a destination into the vehicle’s GPS. A pathway appears with explicit directions on how to get from where you’re sitting to where you’d like to arrive. Your only job is to follow the arrows. The GPS will even adjust its route if you go off-course. As long as you know...Read More
Someone irritates you: Do you snap back, think of a response, or worry about the other person's perception of you? Understanding where these different reactions come from in your subtle body (mind, intellect, or ego) can help you master your reactions and come closer to your true self.Read More
The cosmic dimension of everyday life is the most thrilling discovery on the spiritual path. Read about Deepak's uncovering of a simple Sanskrit phrase, Tat Tvam Asi, translated to "I Am That,” and how one famous spiritual teacher's unconventional statement holds a lesson for all of us about what it is at the center of cosmic life.Read More
The Full Moon Altar is a powerful tool that enhances positive change. Here's how to get started.Read More