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Schools are doing a bang-up job teaching our children how not to treat each other. Kids learn about bullying the moment they enter kindergarten. However, most schools could use some help when it comes to teaching kids how to treat each other. How do I know? I lead compassion education programs in... Read More
Adding a dose of compassion to someone else’s day not only uplifts their spirits, but makes you feel happier, too. And while most of us intend to be compassionate beings every day, our hectic schedules and busy lives can often get in the way of simply being kind to one another. The amazing thing... Read More
Compassion is a way of connecting the love and self-awareness within yourself to another person. Compassion is more than kindness; it’s a natural expression of kindness and understanding when you love yourself. Without a sense of love inside, compassion has no foundation in consciousness. There is... Read More
When the toils of everyday life creep in, parents can get so bogged down in schedules that the relationship with their children can seem distanced and disconnected. Busy parents can build up and strengthen those connections by taking a few simple steps such as guiding your children through a... Read More
Have you ever caught the bug? I’m not referring to something cool like the surfing bug or the rock climbing bug or the <insert trendy activity here> bug. I mean the flu bug. It’s the worst, right? A nasty stomach bug can spread quickly throughout families, schools, and communities. Bugs are... Read More
In a world with so much suffering and pain, compassion has the ability to connect and heal. Starting with our families and friends, and extending into larger communities, and out to the world in general, compassion can open our hearts and souls to a greater way of living. The trick is that... Read More
Compassion is changing before our eyes. A religious concept associated with Jesus and Buddha (known as “the Compassionate One”) is being researched today through brain scans and positive psychology. In positive psychology your aim is to reach a state of well-being. The actions of a compassionate... Read More
There’s nothing more attractive and inviting than someone who is confident in who they are and what they believe in. There’s a grace and ease about them. Better yet, when you can live that way, you can share that grace with others and life is more fulfilling. Contrary to that is someone who doesn’t... Read More