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Get Ready for the 2015 Global Meditation for Compassion On August 8, 2014, over 140,000 people from nearly every country in the world came together to set a Guinness World Record for the largest meditation gathering in history. If you missed the live broadcast, you can watch the one-hour recording...Read More
“Know thyself.” - Ancient Greek aphorism inscribed in the Temple of Delphi Only with self-knowledge can you be the best version of you. The more consistent you are in your meditation practice, the more you come to understand about yourself, which is the source of freedom and fulfillment in life...Read More
When kids get too rowdy, they’re given time-outs. Regardless of why parents and teachers administer a time-out, it’s ultimately meant to help children slow down, reconnect with the present moment, and begin again. It’s a reset that helps kids re-enter the playground of life a little more slowly and...Read More
While I was recovering from a life crisis, I left my home in Germany in search of renewal. In time, I fell in love again, remarried, and got a new job. Just when it started looking like I was going to live happily ever after I began to return to my negative habits. I found myself again trying to...Read More
Fear is a negative emotion, unless you’re facing an actual threat and need to fight or flee. And the usefulness of fear is minimal in daily life, particularly in the form of anxiety. Stressful events can produce short-term anxiety in almost everyone, which disappears after the event. But for an...Read More
Meditation provides experiences that the mind can achieve no other way, such as inner silence and expanded awareness. And as the mind gains experience, the brain shows physical activity as well—sometimes profound changes. Beginning in the 1970s, studies showed that something was happening in the...Read More
So often we work at trying to manifest something in our lives when all we need to do is relax and let things happen. Trying implies effort, yet if what we really want is part of the higher will, then it is already making its way to us and will come in its own time. A more effective way—and easier...Read More
Over the years of teaching meditation, I’ve become familiar with many of the fears that new meditators raise when considering a meditation practice. Meditation has become much more familiar in the public mind over the last couple of decades, and many of the stereotypical beliefs about meditation...Read More