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Our minds are turbulent, like the rough waves close to the shore. The more we fight against the mind, the harder meditation becomes. When you begin a meditation practice, you’re agitated, moving—your thoughts are constantly tossed about. In an attempt to force yourself into silence, you might try...Read More
Some people naturally have trouble concentrating, but Vatas especially tend to have a difficult time. With a predominance of air and space, Vatas usually have more trouble grounding themselves than other doshas. Vatas are known to be creative, communicative, changeable, quick, and spontaneous, none...Read More
Silence is everywhere, even in the midst of all the noise that surrounds us. It’s here, now, in this very moment. If it’s all around us, then why is it so difficult to find? Oftentimes, it isn’t so much a matter of finding the silence, as it’s paying attention to what is already here. During...Read More
Meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness practices are popping up in school systems nationwide—and for good reason. Studies have shown that teaching kids mindfulness practices can build students’ attentiveness, respect for fellow classmates, self control, and empathy, all while reducing stress,...Read More
Regular meditation is the foundation for mind-body wellness and a consciousness-based approach to life. The daily practice can improve quality of sleep and relationship skills, enhance concentration, reduce stress, and provide a deeper connection to spirit. However, daily meditation doesn’t have to...Read More
When they become parents, many people wonder how to impart spiritual values to their children. The traditional model of sending them to Sunday school is one alternative. But as more people turn away from organized religion to carve their own path, many parents choose to draw the entire family into...Read More
Meditation is on the rise—and for good reason. It’s one of the best practices we have to help us manage stress, unplug from the busyness of our lives, and re-center ourselves. The daily practice of meditation—just like regular exercise, nutrition, and getting enough sleep—requires a level of self-...Read More
We live in a world of immediacy. We want an answer to a text now, that double skim vanilla latte immediately, and the streetlight to change—oh, like yesterday. The practice of meditation helps slow us down. It allows us to let go of this sense of urgency. It also opens us up to other possibilities...Read More