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There has never been a better moment in human history than right now to be a woman. Nobody in the history of womankind ever had a better chance to manifest her own life than the modern woman. Then ”… why are we holding ourselves back from greatness? Elizabeth Gilbert dives into the biggest thing that holds modern women back, and offers some motivation to battle that obstacle.Read More
In times of weakness and self-doubt, looking to leaders, archetypes, and heroines can be great sources of inspiration. Draw strength from these ten powerful women.Read More
We live in an overstimulated society, where busy schedules lead to lack of connection, where many people go through life barely looking one another in the eye, where connection is summarized by scrolling down a Facebook newsfeed and clicking "Like" to show we care, and where vulnerability and self-...Read More
Research has shown that happiness spreads readily, and that knowing someone who is happy makes you 15.3 percent more likely to be happy yourself. Here are some tips to boost your daily dose of happiness.Read More
Inspiration runs high at workshops and retreats; it's after the session ends that the real test begins. These five tips will help you maintain your motivation when you get home.Read More
Over the course of a decade, one man started his meditation and yoga journey, and then took steps—one at a time—to becoming a Vedic Master. Find out how he got started, inspired, and eventually found his Dharma.Read More
Why am I here? What is my purpose? How do I discover and fulfill my deepest mission? These are questions that we all ask at one time or another. Sometimes we discover the answers early on, but often we continue to ask these questions throughout our lives. As we grow and mature, the answers to these...Read More
We often think of creativity as something that only certain people are gifted with. In fact, we have special words for such people. We often call them brilliant, inspired, or ingenious. These words do signify a true insight. Creativity does spring forth from that part of our deeper being which is...Read More