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For women in the 21st century, it can be hard to find a strong feminine role model. Although you may have strong mothers, grandmothers, and sisters, in this stage of evolution you may be working on goals that are often misunderstood by your living ancestors. This is where your chosen female heroine...Read More
We live in an overstimulated society, where busy schedules lead to lack of connection, where many people go through life barely looking one another in the eye, where connection is summarized by scrolling down a Facebook newsfeed and clicking "Like" to show we care, and where vulnerability and self-...Read More
Early on in my journalism career I moved to Dallas to take a job as an investigative reporter with an ABC television station. Being a California native, I had a little culture shock and often felt like a fish out of water.  One year later I moved to San Diego and almost immediately forgot about...Read More
Retreats, workshops, and personal growth courses are uplifting and inspiring when you’re there. In the right environment, it’s easy to slip into a rhythm that fosters growth and change. The hard part is after you return home. Let’s say you spent a week in meditation and silence. It was easy to...Read More
By the time I decided to become a Primordial Sound Meditation teacher, I had already been attending Chopra Center events and practicing meditation and yoga for a decade. Shifts and changes in my personal life inspired me to take the opportunity to become a teacher in 2006, which hadn’t previously...Read More
Why am I here? What is my purpose? How do I discover and fulfill my deepest mission? These are questions that we all ask at one time or another. Sometimes we discover the answers early on, but often we continue to ask these questions throughout our lives. As we grow and mature, the answers to these...Read More
We often think of creativity as something that only certain people are gifted with. In fact, we have special words for such people. We often call them brilliant, inspired, or ingenious. These words do signify a true insight. Creativity does spring forth from that part of our deeper being which is...Read More
In 2012, I attended a small ceremony with my art teacher, a striking woman who paints abstract watercolors that speak directly to your heart. The ceremony was inspired by her spiritual study of Native American culture. We played drums, chanted, lit sage, and welcomed everyone as we went around in a...Read More