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The spring season is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. As beautiful spring flowers slowly emerge from the earth, humans, too, must slowly emerge from the heaviness of winter and embrace this season of sunshine and blossoms. Now is the perfect time to integrate the lightness and energy of spring...Read More
If you have osteoarthritis (OA) in your knees, you’re not alone. Of the weight-bearing joints, knees are the most commonly affected ; by age 85, nearly one in every two people may develop symptomatic knee OA. There are lifestyle, diet, and supplement choices that can help keep your knees as healthy...Read More
Do you struggle with maintaining a healthy weight and a balanced relationship with food? Almost every week, a new diet emerges in the media, proclaiming a quick fix and promising better health. These are hard to ignore when we’re on a mission to shed pounds. Unfortunately, most fad diets don’t...Read More
Contrary to popular belief, judgment is not a negative behavior. Every piece of stimulus that comes into our life experience—be that a new person, a new taste, or a new sensation—is filtered through our belief system. After the belief passes through the filter, we have a judgment. In its simplest...Read More
Perhaps you’re familiar with the expression, you create your reality. It’s a popular and catchy phrase frequently used in the Human Potential Movement that refers to the way our mind, through attention and intention, structures our experiences and perceives our reality. Dr. David Simon once said, “...Read More
Who doesn’t love a good family movie night? Children and parents alike can enjoy downtime while watching a movie. Why not use the opportunity to search for deeper life meanings during that time? From classic favorites to new releases on the big screen, movies can often provide a spiritual or...Read More
Spring is a time to rid your home of accumulated clutter so you can have a fresh and light start to the new season. But spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to physical clutter; your body and mind can benefit from a rejuvenating cleanse as well. This short yoga flow is designed to leave you feeling...Read More
If you tell people that every morning should be like Saturday, they'd find the suggestion hard to compute. For most people, weekdays start out hectically; it’s a time when they’re under pressure to get breakfast on the table, pack children off to school, and get to work on time. By contrast,...Read More