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bowl full of roasted zucchini, bell peppers, and tomatoes
Fall is a time to slow down and enjoy the changes of the season—cooler temperatures, drier air, and delicious, warm foods. Learn which produce to buy and how to prepare meals with fall spices that will satisfy your taste buds.Read More
healthy dessert with blueberries
One way to cut back on sugar is to satisfy your sweet tooth with nature’s bounty—fruit. The following plant-based dessert recipes won’t induce a sugar high or crash, require no baking, and can be made in a pinch.Read More
Hispanic woman relaxing
The world around you—how you feel, how you navigate through it all—is what you create. You can change your circumstances and your life by changing how you are in your body and mind. Here’s how.Read More
Woman dealing with stressful news
Stress can take quite a toll on your mind and body. Learn how to fight against oxidative stress through proper nutrition.Read More
Sun rising over the planet Earth
The universe is filled with mystery and intrigue, but with the evolution of science, researchers are understanding more and more each year. This interview explores the Big Bang Theory, Dark Energy, and even how consciousness plays a role in science.Read More
A young happy woman riding a bike with a smile
How do you remain secure in a world filled with uncertainty? It starts with regaining control from the inside out.Read More
A young man laying on a couch wearing glasses and a big smile
In order to experience more fulfillment and flow in your day, you have to look within. Follow these seven steps to help design a day that is more aligned with your specific needs and desires.Read More
Young woman meditating at home in lotus yoga pose
There are many different ways you can incorporate yoga into your daily routine. Try this 30-day yoga challenge and enjoy the transformation.Read More