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One question people often ask me when I’m lecturing about Food as Medicine is, “Is eating a raw foods diet healthy?” There isn’t a simple answer to this question because what is good for one person’s mind-body physiology will not always be beneficial for someone else. On the one hand, I’ve seen...Read More
With pregnancy comes a lot of information and questions, not just about the growth of the baby but also about what you need to do to take care of yourself and the growing fetus. Diet is one of the first things that should be addressed when a woman finds out she’s pregnant. Pregnant women are often...Read More
Fifty years ago, it was a rare treat to see foods like kiwis, coconuts, or mangos in the grocery store. Foods were grown and eaten more seasonally and locally then. However, with the global economy of today, many people can purchase any food they like, at any time of the year, and in most any part...Read More
Warmer weather makes you want to turn off your stovetop and prepare produce-packed meals, instead. Not only are salads a healthy lunch or dinner option, they’re also fast and easy to make. Step out of your salad routine and try one of these three creative recipes, featuring colorful veggies,...Read More
You might be most familiar with chia seeds from their early incarnation as novelty “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia” Pets in the 1970s and 80s, where sprouted chia seeds became the green “fur” on clay animals. Although the Chia Pet fad faded away, chia seeds have found the limelight again as a new superfood. So what...Read More
Ever since humans first started drinking fermented beverages, there probably has been debate about its benefits and its drawbacks. While it’s common knowledge that binge drinking and chronic overconsumption can lead to serious health and social issues, when it comes to moderate alcohol consumption...Read More
Many people still believe that eating fat makes you fat. As it turns out, the idea that low-fat diets are healthy was a myth, and the low-fat craze of the 1990s did a huge disservice to our bodies and our brains. Healthy fats and oils play a critical role in the function of many parts of the body...Read More
Spring cleaning isn’t just for your closets. This is your chance to get rid of excess baggage in your kitchen, too. With a fridge and pantry full of nutritious, whole foods you’ll be able to make healthier meal choices and create the foundation for optimal health. Bonus: You’ll feel lighter, too...Read More