Meditation Q&A with Deepak

Question: How can meditation help me with releasing emotions?

Deepak responds:
The practice of meditation is a powerful ally when it comes to relieving emotional distress such as anxiety, depression, and anger. As many scientific studies reveal, when you meditate, breathing slows, blood pressure decreases, and stress hormone levels fall. Even as our body is resting deeply in meditation, our mind is awake, though quiet. In mantra meditation practices including Primordial Sound Meditation, a mantra or sound is used as an object of attention. The Sanskrit word mantra means “vehicle of the mind,” for mantras transport us beyond the mind’s inner dialogue and emotional turbulence into higher states of consciousness.

As we silently repeat a mantra, we begin to gain some distance from our thoughts and emotions. We observe them and gently return our attention to the mantra. As we witness our mental activity, without attempting to resist or change it, there is a spontaneous calming of the inner commotion. Meditation allows us to experience the peace underlying our thoughts and emotions.

Over time we begin to notice that some space has been created around the nturbulent emotional state. We start to see that there is more to who we are than our moods or thoughts, and we may also observe that the sensations associated with our emotional state dissolve altogether.

How wonderful to know that we don’t have to repress what we feel in order to feel this inner peace! In fact, repressing emotions never leads to emotional freedom but only adds to the accumulation of emotional toxicity or ama in our body.

By not repressing or fixating on emotions, they can move through and out of our bodies. With a regular meditation practice, we spend more and more time in the silence and peace of pure awareness. The sense of spaciousness and ease in our daily lives grows and it becomes easy to let go of old patterns of thinking and feeling.

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