Letting Go: A Guided Meditation for Fall

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Each of the seasons has its own particular energy that represents where nature is in its recurring cycle of birth, transformation, and death. As a being who is closely connected to—and directly affected by—the rhythms of nature, you can capture and use the energy of the season by moving through your own seasonal process.

In the months when summer transitions to fall, nature prepares for the coming changes by shedding what it no longer needs. In many ways, the energy of winter is synonymous with death—as foliage appears to die, the ground freezes over, and the days become darker.

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8 Activities to Reset Your Mind (That Don’t Involve Meditation)

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Are you yearning to reap the benefits of a meditation practice, but intimidated by the act of sitting still? Meditation is a simple, effortless process for some—but it can feel like an overwhelming chore for others.

The good news is that there are many ways you can cultivate a state of peaceful awareness that don’t involve seated meditation. Try one of these alternative activities to practice mindfulness—and enjoy the focus, clarity, and peace that follows.

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Qi Gong’s Healing Sounds Practice

Qi Gong’s Healing Sounds Practice

Do you ever find it challenging to sit on your meditation cushion and simply meditate, while thoughts continue to zoom by, hooking your attention? You’re not alone. It can be challenging to meditate with mind chatter, especially when the thoughts only seem to get louder the longer you sit. However, there are ways to relax the body and mind, and prepare for meditation.

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Primordial Sound Meditation Certification: October 2017

Event Details

Date:Oct 16-22, 2017


What Is Primordial Sound Meditation
Ancient Wisdom Brought to the Modern World
Primordial Sound Meditation is a time-tested meditation technique dating back thousands of years to the ancient Vedic traditions of India. Drs. Chopra and Simon have revived this ancient process and made it available in a format that can be easily learned by everyone. The essential aspects of these timeless teachings have been maintained in their pure, original form, ensuring consistent physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

How to Practice Compassion When It Seems Impossible

2016 is not for the faint of heart; news about climate change, terrorism, racism, and gun violence inundate the headlines. United States presidential elections have created clear divides between our friends, neighbors, and families. You may try to avoid the pain by turning off the news and turning on fiction. Tuning out by binge-watching Netflix may seem like a good idea.

However, there’s a better way to handle what’s happening. Instead of crawling into a hole, you can practice compassion for yourself and others. Compassion is the answer, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

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6 Non-Traditional Places to Meditate

There is power that comes with using meditation in unexpected places. Your meditation practice does not need to be confined to your bedroom or some tranquil space in your home. Your practice is portable and you can take it virtually anywhere in the world.

 Here are six examples of places you can meditate that you may not have thought of: 

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