3 Meditations that Cultivate Compassion

woman meditating outdoors beautiful sunny day

Cultivating compassion can help you stay present with the suffering you’re facing each day—without getting overwhelmed. Here are three meditations to help you strengthen your compassion muscles so you’re prepared to meet the suffering you witness.

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4 Pre-Meditation Yoga Poses to Prepare You to Sit

Sometimes sitting can cause distracting and painful sensations in your body, which makes meditation difficult. Luckily, there is not one correct way to sit for meditation, and with these simple stretches, you can prepare yourself.

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8 Types of Meditation Explained

athletic woman meditating outdoors

How do you meditate? Do you reflect? Contemplate? Use a mantra? Don’t limit yourself. Learn about eight types of meditation and find the one—or ones—that work best for you.

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