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strawberry cream bars
The heat is on, which means cold treats are in season. Before you indulge in that scoop of ice cream or gelato, learn what’s inside these frozen treats, their benefits, and their drawbacks.Read More
friends enjoying a meal together
Knowing that happiness is a choice means if you aren’t quite as happy as you want to be, you can make changes now. Try implementing these six daily habits to increase your sense of joy and peace.Read More
fresh spinach in white bowl
You’ve probably been told countless times to eat your leafy greens, but do you know why they’re so important? Here’s a breakdown of some of the top nutrients available in leafy greens and how they benefit your health.Read More
Child sleeping with a teddy bear
As parents, getting your children to bed can be quite the struggle. Here are seven Ayurvedic rituals you can try to help get your child sleeping soundly.Read More
A man and a woman meditating together
Whether your motives for practicing meditation are personal or more altruistic, the effects for the people around you will be the same: everyone benefits! Read how you can help serve the world around you through meditation.Read More
A group of friends planting a tree
Humans are contributing to global warming through the emission of 15 million tons of carbon dioxide each day. Want to reduce your carbon footprint in every way possible? Here are five ways you can reduce emissions in the garden.Read More
A young happy woman jumping in the air with arms out
Like most valuable skills, resilience and grit take practice. Fostering these mindset-expanding traits will have a positive impact on every aspect of your life. Find out how to get started.Read More
A young woman meditating in nature
Exploring the five elements through meditation encourages you to expand your awareness and harmonize your relationship with all of nature. Try this mediation practice to get started.Read More