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If you don’t think of yourself as an artist, it might feel intimidating to create your own piece of expression. However, creating art can bring healing benefits if you open your mind, body and spirit to the process.Read More
Did you know that 40 percent of your happiness is based on your habits? This means your happiness is, to a high degree, within your control. Here are five practices that can teach you how to become happier.Read More
True leaders teach us new ways to think, to live, to be. They inspire us to challenge the status quo and see every obstacle as an opportunity for growth. Get inspired by checking out these five empowering leaders.Read More
Adding a dose of compassion to someone else’s day not only uplifts their spirits, but makes you feel happier, too. And while most of us intend to be compassionate beings every day, our hectic schedules and busy lives can often get in the way of simply being kind to one another. The amazing thing...Read More
We all have a role to play in healing the energy of the world so that we can balance out the negativity that has taken over. Here's how.Read More
The path to loving compassion has a beginning, middle, and end. Learn how it unfolds and the seven steps that will get you to there.Read More
A compassionate lifestyle leads not only to better emotional and mental health—research shows it can improve physical health, speed up recovery from disease, and even lengthen your lifespan. Learn how you can start living a compassionate lifestyle.Read More
Do you have the right mindset to accomplish your goals? Find out what might be holding you back and learn how to approach change from the right perspective.Read More