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The Chopra Center for Wellbeing Opens Canadian Addiction Treatment Center

Carlsbad, California — December 1, 2009—The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, in partnership with Paradise Valley Wellness Centre, is opening a new addiction treatment center in Squamish, British Columbia. The residential center is the first of its kind, offering a unique healing approach that combines timeless Eastern healing traditions with the most recent breakthroughs in Western medical science. The treatment program is based on the the principles developed by the Chopra Center’s co-founders David Simon, M.D. and Deepak Chopra, M.D. and described in their popular book Freedom from Addiction.

Healing Cancer Through Mind-Body Medicine: The Chopra Center Releases Pioneering DVD for Every Stage of Treatment

Carlsbad, California — October 12, 2009—Mind-body healing pioneers and Chopra Center co-founders, Deepak Chopra, M.D. and David Simon, M.D., and renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Stephanie Simonton, have created a first-of-its kind DVD for those coping with cancer. The DVD Return to Wholeness: A Mind-body Approach to Healing Cancer demonstrates the power of the mind to heal the body and offers a three-step healing approach that combines science, animation, and meditation.

Mind-Body Medicine for Women: The Chopra Center Offers Workshop Addressing Women’s Unique Health Care Needs

Carlsbad, California — April 27, 2009—This Mother’s Day weekend, the Chopra Center will present a mind-body healing workshop for women, led by the Center’s Director of Women’s Health, Valencia Porter, M.D. and medical qigong expert Fay McGrew. On May 9 at the Chopra Center’s location at La Costa Spa & Resort, participants will learn about an integrative approach to women’s health that combines the most recent developments in medical science with the healing practices of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and other ancient traditions.

The Chopra Center Partners with U.C. San Diego to Offer Accredited Course in Mind-body Medicine

San Diego, California — April 9, 2009—With the joint sponsorship of U.C. San Diego’s School of Medicine, the Chopra Center for Wellbeing will offer Journey into Healing – a four-day immersion in complementary and alternative medicine led by Drs. Deepak Chopra, David Simon, and a team of guest experts. In 2009 Journey into Healing will be offered in two locations: May 27–31 in Chicago; and September 9–13 at La Costa Spa & Resort in Southern California.

Medical Pioneer David Simon, M.D. Returns to Hometown Chicago to Speak: May 27@ the Sofitel

Phoenix, Arizona—April, 06, 2009—David Simon M.D., returns to his beloved hometown Chicago to speak about his new book Free to Love, Free to Heal: Heal Your Body by Healing Your Emotions. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago Medical School and a board-certified neurologist, as well as an expert in the effective use of holistic healing practices.

Dr. Simon is the Medical Director, CEO, and co-founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, located in La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, California. He teaches and writes about the strong link between emotional and physical health and healing, and he regularly lectures at medical schools and health care events around the world.

El Centro Chopra ahora ofrece sus Programas de Sanación Cuerpo-Mente a personas de Habla Hispana

Carlsbad, CA―February 25, 2009―El día de hoy el Centro Chopra para el Bienestar anuncia el lanzamiento de “Chopra en Español”, como respuesta a la alta demanda de personas de Habla Hispana en todo el mundo, que buscan poder participar en los programas y enseñanzas del Centro en cuanto a bienestar cuerpo-mente, administración del estrés, sanación emocional y empoderamiento humano.'s Annual 2009 Commitment List Signals Global Recovery

Carlsbad, CA―January 14, 2009― The mind-body healing center founded by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and David Simon, M.D. today announced that it has received an enormous outpouring of commitments from its global online community, responding to the Chopra Center’s call to post their personal commitments for 2009.

Each January, invites bloggers throughout the world to make a clear, specific commitment to positive change for themselves and for the planet. This includes personal transformation and mind-body healing. The goal is to create a critical mass of individuals focusing their energy on transformation, healing, and growth.

The Chopra Center Comes to Heal New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana―December 16, 2008― This March 8–14 in New Orleans, the Chopra Center will present its classic meditation retreat, Seduction of Spirit, where Deepak Chopra and David Simon will guide participants in a week of deep meditation, daily spiritual yoga classes, and timeless practices to transform their lives.

The Chopra Center has chosen New Orleans as the host city for the Seduction of Spirit meditation retreat with the intention to contribute to the ongoing recovery from the destruction of hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Start 2009 with the Chopra Center’s Signature Self-Empowerment Workshop

San Diego, California―December 8, 2008―This January 7–11 in San Diego’s gentle sunshine, the Chopra Center for Wellbeing will present its most exclusive life-transforming workshop, SynchroDestiny, led by best-selling authors, self-help experts, and Chopra Center co-founders, Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon.

For more than a decade, SynchroDestiny has been one of The Chopra Center’s most popular programs, designed for those who want to increase their personal fulfillment and take their life to the next level.