Carlsbad, CA―January 14, 2009― The mind-body healing center founded by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and David Simon, M.D. today announced that it has received an enormous outpouring of commitments from its global online community, responding to the Chopra Center’s call to post their personal commitments for 2009.

Each January, invites bloggers throughout the world to make a clear, specific commitment to positive change for themselves and for the planet. This includes personal transformation and mind-body healing. The goal is to create a critical mass of individuals focusing their energy on transformation, healing, and growth.

“The world is undergoing a profound, evolutionary shift as more and more people realize that all change and transformation is brought about by our thoughts, intentions, and our attention,” said Chopra Center co-founder and acclaimed author Deepak Chopra.

“By publicly declaring our commitments and sending them out into the world – whether through or by other means – we set the organizing power of the universe in motion,” Chopra said.

At a time when many are coping with stress, economic uncertainty and fear, the empowering step of placing a thought into the tangible world we live in can help to make a desire one’s destiny.

As word of’s annual commitment list has spread, individuals from cities and villages around the world – including places as far flung as South Africa, India, Australia, Mexico, and the United States – are posting their intentions and commitments on

The posts include specific intentions such as quitting smoking, getting out of debt, and improving relationships, but all of the commitments come down to this: the desire for happiness, mind-body healing, love, peace, security, coping with stress, and purpose in life. For example, Karla Refojo in Topanga, California, writes, “I commit to cultivating integrity and clarity in my self expression, and to communicating consciously, honestly and lovingly to others in and through all that I do.”

Across the globe in Dubai, Sudeshna Ghosh posted his commitment to be “a more tolerant, understanding and patient person, and to doing more to make the people I care about, happy.”

In Denver, Colorado, Nina said, “It's amazing when you open up to your desires by committing to fulfill them, how your whole being seems to shift and perception of the world and people around you significantly changes . . . I have been reading spiritual books and attending workshops and speaking events of authors for the past 10 years, and don't feel I've made much progress. I discovered the reason why was because I did not have a relationship to my word and the integrity to fulfill my word. However, I think making a commitment to the integrity of my word will catapult me into realizing the infinite possibilities for my life and the difference I deeply desire to make in the lives of others.

To read more inspiring commitments and post your own commitment for 2009, visit

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